Crypto Coins, Apps & Tools

There are currently in excess of 1500 Cryptocurrency Coins available to invest in. All are in various stages of development and as per the infamous Dot Com Crash of 2000/2001 many of these coins will meet a similar fate.

Cryptocurrency Basics will be endeavouring to find some possible gems that may “take you to the moon” and will try to weed out the scammers who have no intention of ever getting their coin to the market place.

We will also review cryptocurrency tools and APPs to show how they can help you to become a better trader or investor in Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies.

You may like to start with the following insight on 2 of the giants of the Cryptocurrency world – Ethereum V Bitcoin.

Disclaimer: The authors of the information on this site wish to make it clear that they are not offering investment advice but only opinions and we stress that each individual should do their own research prior to making any investment decisions.


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